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The Social Media Professional, Amanda Patch, in Newnan, GA


I'm Amanda Patch ...

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I am a mom of 2, wife, friend, and business owner. I understand that your time is one of the most valuable assets you have. As a business owner, you pour almost all that time into doing what you love - running your business.

Amanda Patch and Family, Georgia
Amanda Patch and Family
Amanda Patch managing a social media presence

In today’s world, if you want to stick out from the rest, you need a strong social media presence.

Which is why you’re here!

I am passionate about strategizing, executing, and managing a social media presence to help get your business in front of a new pool of clients!

Helping businesses succeed is my passion!

Take a look ...

Amanda Patch Social Media Experience


How I got Started

In 2020, I left my corporate America sales job to stay home and raise my 9-month-old. In my spare time, I started an influencer page to connect with other mamas who were going through the trials and tributes of motherhood.

When I started, I knew almost nothing about social media – crazy! I know. I truly started from the bottom. I hired a coach and spent the next 6 months learning the ins and outs of social media.

After 2 years of learning, as I went, I was confident my skillset was what many business owners needed. Not only did I understand, firsthand, how social media worked on the back end (algorithms, growth, trends, etc.) but I had skills that were only developed by doing this job full-time. This was when I took my skillset into helping other businesses!

I love working with various businesses so closely and intimately that I fall in love with their brand and think of them as my own!

My college degree is in Business Marketing and until I built something of my own, I wasn’t utilizing it. For so long I thought “I’m not actually interested in that,” but I am now obsessed.

It took a little time and effort to realize I can help businesses with their marketing through social media!

Amanda Patch conducting a Social Media Audit


I'm doing it!

I am a local social media manager who helps businesses with content strategy, content creation, and marketing using social media.

When you work with me you will quickly see that …

  • I get to know your business and ideal customer.

  • I brainstorm ways to connect you to those customers.

  • I photograph and edit the content for you.

  • Or ... I provide you with the strategy to execute yourself.


As a Christian woman, I feel strongly that it’s important to do the right thing and help others.


I have followed my passions to do what I love every day. You will see that through my positive energy, hard work ethic, and desire to be different!

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Get Started

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